Over the years we've had the luck to work with some outstanding talent in iceland, and build lasting relationships. All are riding, mostly on bikes we've built or supplied. Respect goes out to:

Hjólandi Run, designed and programmed by Ingvar Ómarsson this is the go to place for whats going on in the Icelandic mountain bike and downhill scene. Talented downhiller, Ingvar will also be hitting the XC this year. Responsible for the programming and joint design of the new Kria Cycles site.
Sölvi Sig With us from the beginning, motion graphics and graphic designer Sölvi Sig has provided us with many a helping hand. Responsible for the whole of branding, he has also provided the new Kria logo text you can see on this website. Also one of the first recipient's of a Kria custom bike (surprisingly titled Sölvi Sig!)
Sig Vicious Prolific radical artist and graphics machine, we were fans of Sig long before he asked us for a bike. We asked him for a piece of art, the end result is now hanging on our wall at Kria Cycles – a depiction of Greg LeMond doggedly pursuing Laurent Fignon in that famous Tour de France of '89
Arctic Adventures Probably Iceland's best known outdoor activity and adventure tourism company, Arctic Adventures offer off the peg and custom trips for pretty much any outdoor activity you can think of. Partners with many specialists,, Kria Cycles mountain bike trip brand is proud to be part of the family.


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