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    Kría BLOG

    The Kría Week, Nov 7-14

    Another week passes, and another unseasonably warm one is upon us. What a weekend it was for the Kría crew though - several National Champions in the Cyclocross (CX) Championships that were held at Laugardalur on Saturday, with several of those also picking up Icelandic Cyclist of the Year awards also.

    After a fairly ignominious start by yours truly, where I conspired to crash catastrophically before even crossing the start line, I had a unique viewpoint of watching our riders Ingvar, Gústaf & Óskar battling around the first lap in a manner previously unseen in Icelandic CX. What with the horrifically muddy course,

    Óskars Legsit was a scene reminiscent of a true European CX race. Shortly thereafter Ingvar pulled away, as was to be expected, leaving the young (Gústaf) to battle the not so young but also not very old (Óskar). A little further back, Emil was tracking Bjarki. The old (myself) ploughed onwards, hoping that my numb fingers would warm up a little. By the end of proceedings, 45min later, Ingvar won unimpeded, Gustaf pulled away from Óskar to take 2nd overall, and 1st in his age group, and Emil out maneuvered his old friend Bjarki to seal the first 4 positions for Kría/Specialized/Tindur racers. In the women's race Águsta had a flawless race to win. It should also not go without mention that this was the first time that a National Championship had been run for age groups all the way down to 13yr olds - its awesome to see these girls & boys out on the race course, both racing and afterwards when being shouted at/cheered on whilst oneself is “racing”. CX is such an easy & fun way to get into racing everyone should give it a go!

    In the weeks ahead we also have some exciting times. The start of next week shall see the first order of products from Wahoo hit the store, including the renowned KICKR (169,990kr)
    and the newer KICKR Snap (74,990kr) indoor power trainers, plus the ELEMNT GPS bike computer (44,990 - 59,990kr).

    We are also pleased to announce a partnership with top brand EVOC. These guys make super top quality bike travel bags, MTB backpacks, MTB protection & ski bags. We aim to get the first delivery of EVOC product before Xmas, and we’ll be doing a special pre-order offer - check out the EVOC & Wahoo section in Fylgihlutir for details.