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    The runners have their marathon, the cyclists have the WOW Cyclothon on their bucket list. The epic race has grown almost exponentially since its conception 5yrs ago, and this year looks likely to be bigger than ever. Do you have what it takes? Do you have what you need? It's all here:
    Airnet (kk)
    Airnet (kk) 29,990 kr
    Airnet (kvk)
    Airnet (kvk) 29,990 kr
    Allez E5 2017
    Allez E5 2017 109,990 kr
    Allez Sport E5
    Allez Sport E5 129,990 kr
    Dolce 119,990 kr
    Dolce Elite
    Dolce Elite 189,990 kr
    Dolce Evo
    Dolce Evo 199,990 kr
    Dolce Sport
    Dolce Sport 139,990 kr
    Propero III
    Propero III 14,900 kr
    Propero III
    Propero III 14,990 kr